A screen print is a print that is made by pushing ink though the small holes of a supporting stencil on fine mesh.

This fine mesh has been stretched over a wooden or aluminium frame.

The stencil may take the form of cut paper, adherent film or any ink resistant pigment.. It can also be created photographically

This stencil is then printed onto the screen using a photographic process.

Then there is the printing....

Process part 2
Process 2

The photographs above show how the ink is pulled, using a rubber blade (squeegee) across the frame. I now use the arm to pull the squeegee across the frame, as it hurts my wrists too much if I don't. The acyrilic ink is then is pushed through the stencil onto the paper beneath.

Each colour or tone on prints are separately, often with a different stencil.

Once printed, the image is checked and placed on the rack to dry.